Month: July 2016

SVXLink hassle

For a friend of mine, also HAM, I wanted to build a turnkey Echolink node. The necessary hardware was a matter of combining a few ideas, collecting parts and one afternoon of drilling and sawing. Except the interface also a Raspberry Pi was part of the deal. The software side had some more challenges. There were a couple […]

Echolink interface (UK)

After weeks of collecting parts and one Sunday of soldering, drilling and sawing it was ready to go: the echolink interface. The device has been built with the PH0DV interface as an example. Except that I wanted to save USB ports at the Raspberry Pi and avoid a hassle with different cables. Therefore I’ve included a […]

433.6500 MHz Tetra / Echolink node (UK)

The first step of the Tetra / Echolink project has been successfully completed. At 433.6500 MHz the node is available to accept connections via Tetra. Following the  PH0DV example a connection between a Tetra transceiver and the Echolink network has been established. The transceiver is a Motorola MTM800 with remote control head. Also the base part of […]