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Double the value of an Inrico!

Some time ago the Inrico ‘network radios’ saw the light, together with similar device by exotic brands. The units look similar to portable or mobile transceivers, but that’s also the end of the similarity. In fact these ‘network radios’ are nothing else than Android based smartphones with an MTK board. A PTT button has been […]

DMR thoughts

‘Do you quit DMR?’ This question was sent to my by mail about half an hour after I’d put my Hytera handheld for sale on a second hand website. ‘Did I ever start it?’ was the question I was thinking of… Some years ago I’ve been playing around with DStar. I’ve been using an Icom […]

Former antenna sorrow

When sorting out some old file I’ve found an old video and the story linked to it. Some two years ago I’d got the plan to decorate my roof gear with a Hygain AV-620. I had heart a lot of praise about this antenna and I could buy a used one in good condition and […]

Antennas 2015 – 2016

In 2015 – 2016 my roof was featured by a Hygain AV-620, reaching multiple meters over the house. But the antenna proved to be the bad buy of the century: HF performance was top, but mechanical construction was dramatic. For an antenna of that size and wind load the construction was rather flimsy. This became […]