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New frequency for Echolink node

For some reasons it was necessary to change the frequency of the Tetra Echolink node. As of today the node can be reached via 430.9250 MHz. All other parameters have remained the same: GSSI: 1000 MNC: 7373 MCC: 204 The new QRG has also been entered in the SVXLink configuration, so the Echolink status website […]

PE2KMV-L up and running again

After the node had been switched off yesterday, everything is back to normal again today. Issues arose yesterday while swapping node transceivers. Already some time ago a Motorola MTM800E had arrived. Yesterday the moment had come to switch of the ‘normal’ MTM800 and fire up the MTM800E. But then it appeared that the audio signal […]

SVXLink hassle

For a friend of mine, also HAM, I wanted to build a turnkey Echolink node. The necessary hardware was a matter of combining a few ideas, collecting parts and one afternoon of drilling and sawing. Except the interface also a Raspberry Pi was part of the deal. The software side had some more challenges. There were a couple […]

Echolink interface (UK)

After weeks of collecting parts and one Sunday of soldering, drilling and sawing it was ready to go: the echolink interface. The device has been built with the PH0DV interface as an example. Except that I wanted to save USB ports at the Raspberry Pi and avoid a hassle with different cables. Therefore I’ve included a […]

433.6500 MHz Tetra / Echolink node (UK)

The first step of the Tetra / Echolink project has been successfully completed. At 433.6500 MHz the node is available to accept connections via Tetra. Following the  PH0DV example a connection between a Tetra transceiver and the Echolink network has been established. The transceiver is a Motorola MTM800 with remote control head. Also the base part of […]

Tetra to echolink

  Some time ago the block diagram above was the result of an hour thinking and scribbling. Aim is to create an Echolink node via Tetra. In fact it’s not a big deal to connect a DMO mode Tetra radio via an interface to the internet. Much bigger is the challenge to let the Tetra set […]