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SMS functions via DMR

The Brandmeister network has some functions to request information via SMS messages. To access these functions specific keywords are to be sent to DMR ID 262993. Then the system responds as well via SMS on these requests. Below you’ll find an overview of these commands with some explanation. The commands are not case sensitive.   […]


Since some time the dutch POCSAG transmitters have been linked to the german DAPNET, Decentralized Amateur Paging Network. This network has been developed and rolled out as an initiative of Aachen University and is meant to be the replacement of the old FunkrufMaster. Just like the old system this network consists of a couple of […]


POCSAG pagers are still alive, especially for radio amateurs! Some ten years ago a large amateur radio POCSAG network was active in Germany. In PA this phenomena didn’t lift off. Perhaps also because most of the dutch (commercial) pager activity took place in the 2m band. That band was quite stacked and hardware was hard […]