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Codeplug hassle

A fellow ham had asked me whether I could program a couple of Motorola MTM700 tetra radios for him. To do so I could use my home made programmer. And it seemed I also had the sofware for the MTM700. So I was able to quickly read one of the radios. Nevertheless it’s quite hard […]

Faulty Cleartone CM5000

Already quite some time Ive had a Cleartone CM5000 in my shack, waiting for some further investigation. The radio was sent to me by an OM because the radio showed an error on startup. After switching on the radio the gruesome message ‘Security (K) error’ appeared. It’s not completely sure, but it’s likely that somebody […]

Motorola MTM800: what’s in a name?

When involved with tetra radios by Motorola you’ll unavoidably meet the MTM800. In it’s first appearance this radio looks like an analog Motorola GM380: rounded edges and a monochrome display. Furthermore this radio only distinguishes from it’s predecessor the MTM700 by some extended functionality. But from the optics both MTM700 and MTM800 are similar.   Then […]

New frequency for Echolink node

For some reasons it was necessary to change the frequency of the Tetra Echolink node. As of today the node can be reached via 430.9250 MHz. All other parameters have remained the same: GSSI: 1000 MNC: 7373 MCC: 204 The new QRG has also been entered in the SVXLink configuration, so the Echolink status website […]

PE2KMV-L up and running again

After the node had been switched off yesterday, everything is back to normal again today. Issues arose yesterday while swapping node transceivers. Already some time ago a Motorola MTM800E had arrived. Yesterday the moment had come to switch of the ‘normal’ MTM800 and fire up the MTM800E. But then it appeared that the audio signal […]

Motorola MTM800: GPS or not?

In fact the Motorola MTM800 which is acting since a while as Echolink node transceiver is a real mobile device. It has a remote control head and the optional GPS unit has been built in. The last mentioned wasn’t built in by myself but already present when I’ve bought the set. The CPS showed me […]

Motorola MTM800E

The latest addition to the Tetra-to-Echolink project is a Motorola MTM800E. In this case ‘E’ stands for ‘Enhanced’. Although the front of the radio looks identical to the MTM5400, this radio is an improved version of the MTM800. On the other hands the MTM800 looks identical to the MTM800, but has some big technical improvements. […]

All clear?

The larger public as well as the authorities know Tetra as ‘the governmental network’, call it ‘C2000’ in the Netherlands or ‘Airwave’ in the UK. That’s the reason why people probably react nervously when talking about Tetra and Tetra usage by civilians. It’s not commonly known that Tetra is just a digital communication standard like […]

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