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Cupholder mount

As the interior of a modern car often offers limited space and because it’s a pity to drill holes everywhere I’ve been searching for a way to mount the head of a (Motorola) radio in a non-destructive way. Also a larger car offers almost no options to mount a radio. But I’d found one spot […]

Codeplug hassle

A fellow ham had asked me whether I could program a couple of Motorola MTM700 tetra radios for him. To do so I could use my home made programmer. And it seemed I also had the sofware for the MTM700. So I was able to quickly read one of the radios. Nevertheless it’s quite hard […]

Motorola MTM800: what’s in a name?

When involved with tetra radios by Motorola you’ll unavoidably meet the MTM800. In it’s first appearance this radio looks like an analog Motorola GM380: rounded edges and a monochrome display. Furthermore this radio only distinguishes from it’s predecessor the MTM700 by some extended functionality. But from the optics both MTM700 and MTM800 are similar.   Then […]

Motorola MTM800E: no audio via the accessory connector

When connecting the Echolink interface to the Motorola MTM800E the accessory connector at the back didn’t behave as expected. The interface had been used before with a ‘regular’ MTM800, and before swapping this transceiver for an MTM800E I’ve had verified the pinout of the accessory ports of both transceivers were identical. Despite only PTT worked […]

Motorola MTM800E

The latest addition to the Tetra-to-Echolink project is a Motorola MTM800E. In this case ‘E’ stands for ‘Enhanced’. Although the front of the radio looks identical to the MTM5400, this radio is an improved version of the MTM800. On the other hands the MTM800 looks identical to the MTM800, but has some big technical improvements. […]

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