Niros 8008

This pager hasn’t been used a lot in dutch emergency services: the Niros 8008. The fact this pager could record and playback the last message received, made it special. The Swissphone Quattrino XL also had this option, but wasn’t actually the first to offer this.

It’s hard to find any information regarding this pager. There are some old posts in newsgroups, but that’s all. The Niros 8008 is my collection has been used by a fireman who had insufficient coverage of the radio network at the place where he lived. The Swissphone Quattro, standard in that time, didn’t fit the job. Therefore a local supplier had to look for a solution. And as a (successful) test this person changed to the Niros.

Niros 8008 met 220V oplader
Niros 8008 with 220V charger

There is not more information than this. It’s also hard to find any documentation about the manufacturer ‘Niros Telecommunications a/s’ from Denmark.

If you have any information regarding this pager, please contact me!