Garmin eTrex 30 repair

After about 10 years of usage the ‘back’ button of the eTrex 30 had completely disintegrated. Regarding age and usage this wasn’t an unexpected issue. Unfortunately Garmin didn’t offer repair nor spare parts for this unit anymore. So after some research a spare front shell was ordered via one of the known Chinese webshops. The […] only accessible via Hamnet

From 2015 onward all effort by some dutch radio amateurs regarding paging was collected at the website At that time paging was nog really common among radio amateurs, except in Germany. In that country an extensive network had existed, but with the decline of the packet radio network also the pager network fell apart. […]

Cupholder mount

As the interior of a modern car often offers limited space and because it’s a pity to drill holes everywhere I’ve been searching for a way to mount the head of a (Motorola) radio in a non-destructive way. Also a larger car offers almost no options to mount a radio. But I’d found one spot […]

Codeplug hassle

A fellow ham had asked me whether I could program a couple of Motorola MTM700 tetra radios for him. To do so I could use my home made programmer. And it seemed I also had the sofware for the MTM700. So I was able to quickly read one of the radios. Nevertheless it’s quite hard […]

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