Signal Communications Corp. R-535

This airband receiver was ‘top of the bill’ in the nineties. A huge pile of money had to be carried to a shop to become the proud owner of this VHF and UHF airband receiver. Just like now, this was also in the past a device for a small group of enthusiasts and/or specialist. So also nowadays these receivers can hardly be found on the second hand market. And still nowadays they’re no bargain!

Signal Communications Corp. R535
Signal Communications Corp. R-535

My R-535 originates from the United Kingdom. A long time ago I’ve found this one on a commonly known auction website. Unfortunately the receiver came without its original accessories.¬†On the internet only a little bit of information can be found regarding the Signal Communications Corp. R-535. So therefore you can download some PDF documents below.

R-535 user manual

R-535 diagram / service manual

R-535 software manual

R-535 extended coverage

R-535 interface manual