Due to a change in the setup the Echolink <> Tetra node PE2KMV-L is temporary not available. There are some minor issues with the audio line from the interface into the transceiver. The reason for this isn’t still clear to me, but until this has been resolved the whole installation has been shut down.

As soon as everything is up and running again, the happy news will be communicated through this webpage!

Update 22:30 (local time)

After a lot of fiddling, the audiolines between the transceiver and the interface are up again. The solution was found deeply hidden in the CPS. The only issue now is RF interference on the audio input of the interface. This is caused by some sloppy shielded antenna connection in the desk console of the transceiver. As a solution I’ve already ordered a pigtail BNC cable with bulkhead connector. And because the audio cables have a rather temporary character, those will be rearranged and get some ferrite clamps.

Update December 20, 15:45:

No wonder the installation leaks RF. The picture belows shows how the BNC bulkhead connector has been soldered to the coax cable to lead the RF signal out of the desk console. To have this fixed a new pigtail has already been ordered. As the coax cable to the roof antenna has an N connector, the new pigtail has an N bulkhead connector and a BNC male for the transceiver.