Special RIC for NEC 21a / Skyper

Here are some special RIC used by the NEC 21a pager, also known as ‘Skyper’

2504 – Set time*

4504 – Broadcast message

4512 – Rubric distribution

4520 – Beacon reception


*To send the time setting to the pager:

  • make sure the pager has been switched off before so no time has been set
  • send a message with ‘upcoming date and time’ in the format ‘HHMMSS[space][space][space]DDMMYY’. So hours, minutes, seconds all in 2 digits. Followed by 3 spaces, followed by day, month, year also all in 2 digits. But watch out: the time can only be set in seconds less than 30 secs. Time settings with a seconds value of 30 or more won’t be processed by the pager.